Step 1

The first step to get access is passing an e-test regarding lab safety and clean-room behavior. Please write an e-mail to Birger Berghoff AND Noël Wilck and ask for the credentials to access RWTH Aachen University’s web-based e-learning platform L2P. In this e-mail state if you have already an L2P account and, if this is the case, include the correct name AND the correct e-mail address, under which you are registered in L2P. Once you have access, download the files provided under “Learning Materials” and throroughly go through the material.

Learning Materials

Afterwards, take the e-test. You can repeat the e-test as many times as are necessary to pass the threshold of 85% correct answers.

Once you passed the threshold, send an e-mail to Birger Berghoff AND Noël Wilck stating that you have passed the e-test successfully with more than 85% correct answers.

Then go to step 2.

Online Test



Get access to CMNT

Step 1: e-test on cleanroom safety and behavior
Step 2: workflow tool
Step 3: on-site safety training
Step 4: tool training