Step 2

Use the online workflow tool to compile your intended process flow. The tool allows only process sequences that are compatible with the available tool set avoiding cross-contamination (cf. contamination control).

After you have compiled your workflow the tool generates a pdf file with your processing sequence stating the tools (including location and FOM-name) where the fabrication process can be carried out. At the moment the tools accessable via CMNT are distributed over three separate clean-rooms. Access to the clean-rooms and tools requires first an on-site safety training for the respective clean-room (cf. step 3) and then training for the respective tool (cf. step 4).

The generated pdf file can be used as a run-sheet. It is mandatory to use the workflow tool whenever you try a new processing sequence. If in doubt, always ask the clean-room managment. If you cannot generate a process flow it is mandatory to contact the clean-room managment and discuss your processing needs in person.

To obtain access to the clean-rooms and tools proceed with step 3.



Get access to CMNT

Step 1: e-test on cleanroom safety and behavior
Step 2: workflow tool
Step 3: on-site safety training
Step 4: tool training