Step 3

Go to, the facility online manager (FOM) of CMNT. Create a new FOM user account by clicking on “I am a new user”. A pdf file of the user manual with a description of how to create a user account can be downloaded here.

According to step 1, if you passed the e-test successfully and sent an e-mail to Birger Berghoff AND Noël Wilck stating that you finished the e-test on safety and clean-room behavior successfully you will be able to ask for an on-site safety training via FOM. If this is not the case please resend your e-mail to Birger Berghoff AND Noël Wilck stating that you are not yet enabled to request for an on-site safety training via FOM.

According to step 2, the pdf file generated by the workflow tool states the clean-rooms, in which you find the tools you need for your processing sequence. Request an on-site safety training for each of these clean-rooms via FOM. Once you requested an on-site safety training via FOM, an e-mail will be send to the appropriate technical staff that will contact you to schedule the on-site training.

Please note that the on-site safety training at the CMNT clean-room is given every three weeks. Here are the dates for 2019:


If not stated otherwise the on-site safety training starts at 12:30 h. In your e-mail to Birger Berghoff AND Noël Wilck please indicate the date (based on the dates given above), at which you would like to participate in the on-site safety training.

In case that you will not get a response to your request within three working days please send an additional e-mail to Birger Berghoff. In case that you skipped step 1 you will be notified to first pass the e-test on lab safety and clean-room behavior.

Your successful participation in an on-site safety training will be indicated in the FOM system, which allows you to request the tool training as described in step 4.




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Step 1: e-test on cleanroom safety and behavior
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Step 3: on-site safety training
Step 4: tool training